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Sunday, March 31, 2013

The poop on growing willows as an energy crop

Sewage, biosolids, wastewater, effluent, human waste and night soil – these are all euphemisms for poo, the waste material we produce with near certain regularity.

But instead of looking at it as a burden, as something to be disposed of, why not use it to grow a crop that can heat our buildings, produce electricity or be used for compost? Why not close the loop?

Camrose County, a small county in rural Alberta is doing just that.

If you live in even a medium sized city chances are there’s a modern facility that handles and treats all of your waste. It probably cost several million dollars and employs quite a few people. Small towns, villages and hamlets don’t have that luxury. About 90 per cent of rural municipalities use lagoon systems to treat their wastewater. These are open ponds that are aerated on a regular basis and microbes and tiny invertebrates end up eating the poop and cleaning the water.

Read the full article from Green Energy Futures.

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